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Lip Augmentation in Wilmington and Dover, DE

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Located in Elkton, MD and Dover, DE, and serving the residents of Maryland, and Wilmington and Newark, Delaware, Replenish Cosmetic Surgery Institute performs lip augmentation for those who desire plastic surgery.

Dr. Martini knows that your lips are one of the most important features of your face, physically framing all of your communication with the world from your speech to your smile. If the shape or size of your lips causes you to frown, the Replenish Cosmetic Surgery Institute is here to help you achieve the naturally plump and nicely lined lips that you have always wanted. Using state-of-the-art injectable fillers or fat transfers, you can easily achieve fuller lips for a more youthful, well-rested look. Your lips extend to encompass both sides of your face so that this small procedure can make a big difference on this important aesthetic focal point, improving the way you look and most importantly, the way that you feel about yourself.

Dr. Martini has years of expertise in helping patients to improve their quality of life, utilizing the smallest procedure that will produce the greatest results. Correcting problems ranging from thin lips to wrinkles and smoker’s lines, a lip augmentation can bring a new vibrancy to your face.

Lip Augmentation Procedure

Injectable fillers are a common choice to achieve fuller, more defined lips. Juvéderm® is a popular choice to add volume and shape to the lips. Composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring compound in your skin, it is injected into the lips after a topical analgesic is applied. If wrinkles and fine lines on your lips are troubling you, Dr. Martini may suggest the use of Botox® to restore a youthful smoothness to your mouth area. It is also useful for smokers, who often develop fine lines on their lips after years of the habit.

Another option is Radiesse®, a calcium-based gel that stimulates your own collagen into production and is often used for deeper lines that naturally develop as you age. Perhaps the most common choice of all injectable fillers for the lip area is Restylane®, which reduces laugh lines while plumping your lips for better definition. These fillers can be easily utilized over the course of just a couple of visits, bringing you the results that you have been looking for without the downtime of surgery.

An alternative to injectable fillers is a procedure known as a fat injection. It can be used for the rare patients that have allergies to fillers, and is still a minimally invasive procedure. A needle is used to collect your own fatty tissue from a different area of your body, and is then injected into the lips for greater smoothness and fullness. Local anesthesia is used to numb the lips so that discomfort is very minimal.

Since the aesthetic of your face is a holistic picture, Dr. Martini may suggest additional procedures to help balance your face and achieve the results you desire. For instance, a chin implant or nose reconstruction (rhinoplasty) may be right for you in order to achieve symmetry and pleasing facial proportions. Dr. Martini will thoroughly examine you and listen closely to your desired end results during consultation so that together you can select the procedure that best fits your personal goals.

Lip Augmentation Consultation and Preparation

During consultation, Dr. Martini will take the time to examine your anatomy and facial features, review your medical history, and discuss your aspirations and the realistic results you can expect from different procedures. In determining what is right for you, you should be honest about your ability to take time off from work and the importance of returning, your exercise habits and activity range, as well as any history of injury. Be sure to be very open about your medical history, drug allergies, previous surgeries, medications, diet pills, vitamins, supplements, and herbs you are taking, even if they do not seem relevant to you. Safety is our utmost concern and Dr. Martini wants to be as thorough as possible so that you can set realistic expectations.

There are a few things you can keep in mind in order to shorten your recovery time and decrease your chances of complications. Discontinue using aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, Saint John’s wort, and Vitamin E for one week before and a few days after your procedure. These act as blood thinners and could cause problems with clotting. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol in excess well in advance of your lip augmentation and for one week following the procedure. Be sure to drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your lip augmentation, as remaining well-hydrated will help you to recover more quickly.

Lip Augmentation Recovery

The lip augmentation procedure is minimally invasive, and you should be able to return to normal activities and wearing makeup within a day or two. At first, you may experience the feeling of puffiness or numbness, and mild swelling may occur, but all these symptoms should disappear within a day or two. Most people continue their normal routines with little to no downtime, and any small bruises on the lips are easily covered with makeup. Keep in mind that avoiding aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and similar painkillers will help to minimize or even eliminate the chance of visible bruising after your procedure. Dr. Martini will provide you with a full list of instructions on the do’s and don’ts of recovery before your procedure. Injectable fillers may require more than one visit, and maintenance visits down the road for optimal, long-term results. We are here to help you plan accordingly and decide on the procedure that is right for you and your lifestyle.

How Much Does Lip Augmentation Cost in Wilmington or Dover, DE?

During our initial consultation, we will go over all costs associated with your particular procedure. Depending on the type of lip augmentation that is right for you, as well as your established goals and priorities, the cost will vary. Our office accepts CareCredit®, a simple alternative to cash and credit cards, so that you can finance your procedure without hassle.

Additional Facial Surgery Procedures

Dr. David V. Martini, board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, recognizes that each patient has unique requirements and desires. His services have improved the lives of people from the Wilmington and Dover, DE areas as well as Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Dr. Martini specializes in performing Plastic Surgery, Skin Rejuvenation, Hair Restoration, Skin Cancer Treatment and Nasal/Sinus Conditions. Please call 443-345-4131 today to schedule your initial consultation.