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Plastic Surgery and Ear Nose and Throat in Wilmington and Dover, DEdr-david-martini1

Replenish Cosmetic Surgery Institute, under the direction of Dr. David V. Martini, specializes in state-of-the-art techniques for the safest, most effective aesthetic enhancement, as well as treatments for hair restoration, skin cancer, allergies and sinus, sleep disorders and other issues with the nose and throat. Located in Elkton, Maryland, and Dover, Delaware, our practice’s reputation for excellence draws patients from Maryland, Wilmington and Newark, Delaware and Pennsylvania, as well as New Jersey and New York.

Our aesthetic procedures for both men and women include facelifts, fat transfer, brow lifts, eyelid lifts, nose surgery, hair restoration, liposuction, body contouring and Liquid Lifts. Our MedSpa offers a highly effective combination of non-surgical and laser skin rejuvenation treatments.

Dr. Martini possesses a rare combination of skills: first, as an established plastic and reconstructive surgeon for nearly two decades; and second, as an established ear, nose and throat specialist for virtually the same period of time. As Medical Director of Replenish, his scope of services encompasses the treatment of chronic sinus conditions, sleep disorders, and allergies.

“By combining tried and true techniques with cutting edge technology, my goal is to maximize breathing and sleep function while offering my patients the options of aesthetic facial enhancements to promote overall well-being.” ~ David Martini, MD

Unlike many double specialty physicians, neither of Dr. Martini’s areas of focus is secondary; he is equally committed to helping as many patients as possible in both of his fields. At Replenish, patients have the option of undergoing cosmetic nose reshaping during sinus surgery. Dr. Martini’s paramount concern is reversing a patient’s affliction with the appropriate treatment plan. Dr. Martini’s focus is to make you feel and look your best.

As an experienced cosmetic and reconstruction physician, Dr. Martini understands that surgery is not necessarily always the right option for every patient. Fortunately, his expertise entails a variety of treatments for sinus, sleep and allergy afflictions, including therapies, injections, and other methods; each of these modalities can be seamlessly administered from our fully equipped office. Diagnostic testing is often the first step toward determining the appropriate treatment; however, Dr. Martini can often pinpoint the cause of your malady by simply discussing your symptoms with you during an initial consultation. After identifying the problem and its cause, he will explain your options for treatment in plain, straightforward language that clearly delineates the best course of action.

Everyone at Replenish is dedicated to helping you understand all of your individual possibilities. We’ll empower you to make an informed decision about the treatment that will enable you to achieve your aesthetic enhancement goals. While this site provides you the opportunity to learn about our procedures, staff, and facility, we invite you to connect with us online or by phone so you can meet Dr. Martini for a personal consultation and/or surgical evaluation.

Contact our office today so we can begin helping you replenish your natural beauty. Call 443-345-4131.